Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OOTD: Rainy Day

Hey guys! So I know I've been missing for like a long time, I'm soooo sorry. I was at as family reunion and I didn't have any internet access so I couldn't post and I just got home a few days ago, and I've been pretty busy, but I have time today so I have another outfit of the day post! I know that these are my favorites! What are your guys favorite posts? Let me know in the comments. Anyways today is a rainy kind of casual day so I decided to wear jeans. I curled my hair loosely then I sprayed it with sea salt spray. My shirt is from Aeropostale, my jeans are from Hollister, and my sneakers are from Sperry Top-Sider. I think this outfit could make a great back to school outfit. It's super casual and easy to put together. I love wearing simple shirts with jeans and sneakers. I practically live in that outfit the entire school year.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OOTD Lake Days

Hey guys so today I'm going to the lake with a few friends and this is what I'm wearing! I have a navy blue and red striped skater dress from Papaya Clothing, and I paired that with my canvas Sperry boat shoes! If you can't tell, I low wearing dresses because they're so effortless and easy to dress up or wear casually. Especially for the summer when it's too hot to wear pants. I also wear these sperrys with everything. Well... I wear my other ones with everything too. I have a pair of white Sperry sneakersthat I wear with dresses or pants or whatever I want really. 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

OOTD feat. Julianas Boutique

Hey guys! So I finally got a tripod, and I'm soooo glad I did! I experimented with it today and the pictures are amazingggg, ohmygosh. I'm seriously obsessed, so definitely watch out for a lot more outfit of the day pics! SO my dress from Juliana's Boutique finally came in! (Use the code keelishae_rep at checkout for a discount!) and I loveeeee it! At first I thought it was going to be way too big and overtake my body, but it isn't! It is a tiny bit big, (I ordered a medium) but I can make it work. I paired this with my silver Toms and it's super cute for a casual summer day. I will definitely be transitioning this into fall, so make sure to subscribe so you can see other ways to style this dress!

If you use any of these photos, please let me know and give me blog credit! I hope you guys enjoyed, and sorry it's late! I was at a soccer tournament all weekend! The good thing is… We won the entire tournament! It was an upset and definitely and underdog moment but it was amazing.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm a company rep?!

Hey guys! So I have some very exciting news! I was contacted by a boutique called Juliana's Boutique, and they asked if I would be a rep for their business! And of course, I said YES! This is super exciting for me because I've never done anything like this before so it's a new experience! The best part about it? I get a coupon code for you guys! Use code: keelishae_rep at check out to receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase! I've already used my code and bought something that I'm SOOO excited for! Another perk is that I get to help decide what gets sold in the shop. For example, were ordering new jeggings (YAY!!!!) and I got to help pick out the colors from the very wide variety. It's super cool being part of something like this! You can even check out my instagram! julianasrep_keeli, to see some of the pieces that we have to offer. The clothes are so cute and unique so you won't have the same outfit as anyone else (Which I hate >:( )  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pieces!
I just ordered this dress! I can't wait to style it for you guys!

This is J. Crew inspired for a fraction of the price! Want!

Super cute and girly, it even has some tulle underneath

I honestly think I need this dress in my life, it's a live or die matter!

This has a bow on the back which makes it 10X better! This is probably going to be my next purchase TBH.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hello guys! It's giveaway time! Yay!!! Today I'm going to be giving away a $10 giftcard to the lookbook store! This is an awesome site where you can pretty much find any article of clothing that's in fashion! I've especially noticed seeing a lot of items that I've pinned on pinterest. I've read reviews on this site to make sure that all the clothing is good quality, and it is! I'm super excited for this first giveaway! But, if we don't have atleast 25 entries, then I'll have to cancel the giveaway :( So make sure to share, share, share! You can even gain entries from sharing through twitter! Anyways, This contest ends on August 26th, so you have a month to get as many people involved as possible! I will be hosting more, and bigger giveaways as my blog gets more popular, so make sure to stick around for that! (High end makeup? Um, yah), so without further ado, please sign up below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey guys! Today I have my first outfit of the day! Yay! I was going to wait until I had a tripod for this but I really wanted to do some so here is my first one from my iPhone lol.

My navy blue shorts are from Hollister and my light pink top is from American Eagle. As you can see, this is a really simple outfit, and this is what most of my outfits are. I'm working on spicing them up though! I've been eyeing a few accessories including: The J. Crew downtown field jacket in Mossy Brown, a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, and Jeffery Campbell Everly Booties in tan. I'm currently looking for these items on Poshmark so I can get them gently used and they'll be a lot cheaper. For more info on Poshmark click here for my overview or you can check here for a more in depth review. I have about 10 items listed currently so go check them out and buy some! I am willing to negotiate and I will do bundles. I have a ton more clothes that are just sitting in my room that I don't wear. I just need to post the pictures online. Posting is so quick and easy! All you do is take a quick cover shot, and a few other in depth pictures, making sure you show any flaws in the item. Put in the size, a description, and a price, and BAM! You're done! It's seriously that easy.  I posted some Doc Martens and they were sold the next day! I shipped them that same day as well. I didn't have to pay for any labels because Poshmark emails you one to put right on your box! I think that's really the draw for me. Anyways, enough about Poshmark!( P.s. my poshmark is @kswood11)

So today was my day off from work and that's why I could actually get dressed today. The only thing I've done is make some healthy brownies which are actually good(?!) I didn't think they would be that great but they taste so good and they're only 86 calories per brownie! That's amazing. I think I'm gonna keep these around for when my sweet tooth hits which is like all the time. It's pretty bad… I've also watched a lot of That 70's Show which is pretty good. I'm thinking that I'll go to the beach to get some sun and to read some of my summer homework after I'm done with the post. I'm really behind on it so I think it's time for me to get started.. But the book is soooooooo boring It's hard to get through. Oh well, I'll have to do it. You can do it Keeli!

So the other day I entered a contest for Shoreline Boutique! You can actually see a post where I mentioned them here. Anyways, I created a Wanelo board, in hopes to win a $75 gift card from them! If I win, all the clothes that I buy will be styled on here for you guys! I'll know tomorrow if I win, so fingers crossed you guys! I need new clothes! Especially since I'm selling over half of them lol. But anyways, I'm trying to get more fashion posts for you guys, but I need to know what you want to see! Let me know in the comments and I will do whatever you want! Ya just gotta tell me!

If anyone is interested, I would love to do guest posts on blogs! I'm trying to get my name out there so I can spread my fashion tips all over! Please leave your email address in the comments if you would like me to do a guest post on your blog, or if you would like to do one on my blog! I'm very open to it.

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until next time!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Sell your clothes

Hello ladies! Have you ever cleaned out your closet then had a bunch of clothes you didn't want? Did you end up just giving them to Goodwill? Have you ever thought about giving those clothes a second life? That's where Poshmark comes in! This is a site where you can buy sell or trade all your old clothes that are gently used or still in good condition. I found that this site is great if your looking for a certain object, like for me I would love a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac which retails close to $200. On here you can find it around $120, sometimes with tags still on it. Yesterday was my first day selling something and I already sold a pair of Doc Martens for $50, retailing for around $160. Now I just have to stick it in the mail and ship it.

They have every brand from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, to Jeffery Campbell and Kate Spade. The people on here are so nice. If you don't know how to ship it, let's say, they'll take you through all the steps and you can be on your way.

One of the cool things about Poshmark that sets it aside from other sites like this, is that they have "parties". What a party is, is say it'll be a basics party. Everything in that party is a basic piece of clothing so if you're in need of some, just head over to the Back to Basics party and you'll have all the basics you could ever need. They do the same thing for brands. So they'll have a Lily Pulitzer party, and everything in it is Lily, so if you feel like your wardrobe is short in Lily, head over to the Lily Pulitzer. It's a great way to break up the hundreds of thousands of listings that they have on this site.

So, for this site I even have a coupon code for you! You can get $5 credit if you use the code BTMSB when you're signing up! It's that easy to earn credits!

Have any questions about Poshmark? Leave a comment below and I will answer it as soon as I can!

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